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Bed and Biscuit

The best alternative to an "Overnight" pet sitter

Is your furry buddy needing a little extra loving while you're away? Our Bed and Biscuit service has got you covered with tail-wagging late-night and early morning visits.

When it's time for a late-night tuck in and cuddle, one of our friendly sitters will swing by for a 90-minute visit filled with personalized care including playtime and good ole fashioned companionship to help your pet settle in for the night.

Come early morning, our trusty sitter returns for another 45-minute session, kick-starting your pet's day with outdoor time, feeding, and plenty of TLC to get their tails wagging and hearts pumping.


With our Bed and Biscuit service, you can rest easy knowing your furry friend is in good hands, getting all the care and attention they deserve.


Bed and Biscuit
90-minute nighttime visit
45-minute morning visit
starts at $130

Interested in booking our Bed and Biscuit service for your pets? 

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