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I'm Carla and I'm the owner and founder of Texas Ruff House. In 2015 I traded my lesson plans for leashes and began to fill a need in the pet care space that had been lacking. 

One summer break I had to drop off my own dog at a boarding facility. After a week there, I picked him up but had no idea how his week had gone. Did he eat? Did he engage with other dogs? How was his demeanor? Did he even enjoy being there?

Each animal has their own unique personality, much like children. Their body language and habits reveal a lot about what they're trying to tell us. And it's our job as their caretakers to advocate for them and intervene when necessary. 

Many pet owners are worried about leaving their pets at home when they travel. So we design our visits to meet the personal needs of each pet. Ensuring they receive the proper physical and mental enrichment they crave. And you enjoy the peace of mind you deserve.


woman walking dog

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