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Pet Sitting in Your Home


30-60 minutes

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What we do!

Go take the trip!! We've got your pets and home taken care of.

Avoid overcrowded kennels and the overstimulation of large group play. Home is the safest place for your pets. If you would describe your pet in any of the following ways: loves people, is young, is a senior dog, likes to be the only dog, craves attention, has a lot of energy, is currently in training with a PRO, or you deeply care about their social interactions, then this what they NEED.

Each visit can include:

  • Short walk

  • Fresh food and water

  • Playtime, brushing

  • Enrichment games

  • Clean pet areas, bowls, eating area, litter boxes

  • Home care (lights, trash, packages, plants, etc)

  • Oral and Sub-q Meds

  • Pictures and Updates

30 minute visit $35.

45 minute visit $45.

60 minute visit $60. $10 holiday surcharge, per visit

Rate is based on the service time listed above and includes 2 pets in the home. Each additional pet is $10.

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