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At Texas Ruff House, we believe pets are safest, more comfortable, and stay healthier in their own home. This is where their routines are familiar: a cozy bed, familiar scents, and soothing sounds. Plus, they avoid contagious illness and fleas.

You don't have to worry about your pets feeling lonely because or talented staff brings all the fun, love, and enrichment. Just like having a private nanny for children, your pet care specialist will tailor the visit to your pet's specific needs. 

If your dog is a "people person", young or old, their own home is the best place for them. Schedule a complimentary meet and greet to learn more about your pet is really trying to tell us. 

Home is where the    is 

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Walking Club

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Pet Sitting in Your Home

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Field Trip Adventures

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Cat Sitting

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Puppy Success Plan

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Dog Walking (drop-in)

Running Dog
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