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Midday Play and Walk


30-60 minutes

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What we do!

During the visit, your dog will be exercised and enriched with a neighborhood stroll. After the walk, we make sure to provide fresh water and monitor for cool down. Your dog walker will check-into your portal and send you updates and pictures. You can also view the distance using GPS-enabled tracking.

Each visit includes:

  • Sniffy walk

  • Practice/reinforcement of leash manners

  • Fresh water

  • Monitor for cool down

  • Pictures and updates

Please know that your pet’s safety is our #1 priority, so large dogs will be walked separately. Small dogs that are leash-trained and can walk together, will be quoted with an add-on rate. Meet and greets are required prior to any service and are always complimentary. Got a leash lunatic? Enroll them in our Walking Club for consistent practice and exercise.

30 minutes $35.

45 minutes $45.

60 minutes $60.

$10 holiday surcharge Rate is based on the service time for 2 dog, Each additional dog is $10.

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